My Hero Academia Filler List – All Episodes List

My Hero Academia Filler List – All Episodes List

My Hero Academia Filler List

We’ve given you the most up-to-date and comprehensive My Hero Academia Filler List and Filler Guide which includes every part of series.


My Hero Academia Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Izuku Midoriya: Origin Manga Canon 2016-04-03
2 What It Takes to Be a Hero Manga Canon 2016-04-10
3 Roaring Muscles Manga Canon 2016-04-17
4 Start Line Manga Canon 2016-04-24
5 What I Can Do for Now Manga Canon 2016-05-01
6 Rage, You Damn Nerd Manga Canon 2016-05-08
7 Deku vs. Kacchan Manga Canon 2016-05-15
8 Bakugo’s Start Line Manga Canon 2016-05-22
9 Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Iida! Manga Canon 2016-05-29
10 Encounter With the Unknown Manga Canon 2016-06-05
11 Game Over Manga Canon 2016-06-12
12 All Might Manga Canon 2016-06-19
13 Upon Each of Their Hearts Manga Canon 2016-06-26
14 That’s the Idea, Ochaco Manga Canon 2017-04-01
15 Roaring Sports Festival Manga Canon 2017-04-08
16 In Their Own Quirky Ways Manga Canon 2017-04-15
17 Strategy, Strategy, Strategy Manga Canon 2017-04-22
18 Cavalry Battle Finale Manga Canon 2017-04-29
19 The Boy Born With Everything Manga Canon 2017-05-06
20 Victory or Defeat Manga Canon 2017-05-13
21 Battle on, Challengers! Manga Canon 2017-05-20
22 Bakugo vs. Uraraka Manga Canon 2017-05-27
23 Shoto Todoroki: Origin Manga Canon 2017-06-03
24 Fight on, Iida Manga Canon 2017-06-10
25 Todoroki vs. Bakugo Manga Canon 2017-06-17
26 Time to Pick Some Names Manga Canon 2017-06-24
27 Bizarre! Gran Torino Appears Manga Canon 2017-07-08
28 Midoriya and Shigaraki Manga Canon 2017-07-15
29 Hero Killer: Stain vs. U.A. Students Manga Canon 2017-07-22
30 Climax Mixed Canon/Filler 2017-07-29
31 The Aftermath of “Hero Killer: Stain” Manga Canon 2017-08-05
32 Everyone’s Internships Anime Canon 2017-08-12
33 Listen Up!! A Tale From the Past Manga Canon 2017-08-19
34 Gear up for the Final Exams Mixed Canon/Filler 2017-09-02
35 Yaoyorozu: Rising Manga Canon 2017-09-09
36 Stripping the Varnish Manga Canon 2017-09-16
37 Katsuki Bakugo: Origin Manga Canon 2017-09-23
38 Encounter Manga Canon 2017-09-30
39 Game Start Filler 2018-04-07
40 Wild, Wild Pussycats Mixed Canon/Filler 2018-04-14
41 Kota Manga Canon 2018-04-21
42 My Hero Manga Canon 2018-04-28
43 Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!! Manga Canon 2018-05-05
44 Roaring Upheaval Manga Canon 2018-05-12
45 What a Twist! Manga Canon 2018-05-19
46 From Iida to Midoriya Manga Canon 2018-05-26
47 All For One Manga Canon 2018-06-02
48 Symbol of Peace Manga Canon 2018-06-09
49 One For All Manga Canon 2018-06-16
50 End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End Manga Canon 2018-06-23
51 Moving Into Dorms Manga Canon 2018-06-30
52 Create Those Ultimate Moves Manga Canon 2018-07-14
53 The Test Manga Canon 2018-07-21
54 Shiketsu High Lurking Mixed Canon/Filler 2018-07-28
55 Class 1-A Mixed Canon/Filler 2018-08-04
56 RUSH! Manga Canon 2018-08-11
57 Rescue Exercises Manga Canon 2018-08-18
58 Special Episode: Save the World With Love! Filler 2018-08-25
59 What’s the Big Idea? Manga Canon 2018-09-01
60 A Talk About Your Quirk Manga Canon 2018-09-08
61 Deku vs. Kacchan 2 Manga Canon 2018-09-15
62 A Season for Encounters Manga Canon 2018-09-22
63 Unrivaled Manga Canon 2018-09-29
64 The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A Filler 2019-10-12
65 Overhaul Manga Canon 2019-10-19
66 Boy Meets… Manga Canon 2019-10-26
67 Fighting Fate Manga Canon 2019-11-09
68 Let’s Go, Gutsy Red Riot Manga Canon 2019-11-16
69 An Unpleasant Talk Manga Canon 2019-11-23
70 GO!! Manga Canon 2019-11-30
71 Suneater of the Big Three Manga Canon 2019-12-07
72 Red Riot Manga Canon 2019-12-14
73 Temp Squad Manga Canon 2019-12-21
74 Lemillion Manga Canon 2019-12-28
75 Unforeseen Hope Manga Canon 2020-01-04
76 Infinite 100% Manga Canon 2020-01-11
77 Bright Future Manga Canon 2020-01-18
78 Smoldering Flames Manga Canon 2020-01-25
79 Win Those Kids’ Hearts Manga Canon 2020-02-01
80 Relief for License Trainees Manga Canon 2020-02-08
81 School Festival Manga Canon 2020-02-15
82 Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part Manga Canon 2020-02-22
83 Golden Tips Imperial Manga Canon 2020-02-29
84 Deku vs. Gentle Criminal Manga Canon 2020-03-07
85 School Festival Start!! Manga Canon 2020-03-14
86 Let It Flow! School Festival! Manga Canon 2020-03-21
87 Japanese Hero Billboard Chart Manga Canon 2020-03-28
88 His Start Manga Canon 2020-04-04
89 All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A Anime Canon 2021-03-27
90 Vestiges Manga Canon 2021-04-03
91 Clash! Class A vs. Class B! Manga Canon 2021-04-10
92 Make It Happen, Shinso! Manga Canon 2021-04-17
93 Operation New Improv Moves Manga Canon 2021-04-24
94 Foresight Manga Canon 2021-05-01
95 Match 3 Manga Canon 2021-05-08
96 Match 3 Conclusion Manga Canon 2021-05-15
97 Early Bird! Manga Canon 2021-05-22
98 That Which Is Inherited Manga Canon 2021-05-29
99 Our Brawl Manga Canon 2021-06-05
100 The New Power and All For One Manga Canon 2021-06-12
101 Have a Merry Christmas! Manga Canon 2021-06-19
102 Off to Endeavor’s Agency! Manga Canon 2021-06-26
103 One Thing at a Time Manga Canon 2021-07-10
104 Long Time No See, Selkie Filler 2021-07-17
105 The Hellish Todoroki Family Manga Canon 2021-07-24
106 The Unforgiven Manga Canon 2021-07-31
107 More of a Hero Than Anyone Manga Canon 2021-08-14
108 My Villain Academia Manga Canon 2021-08-21
109 Revival Party Manga Canon 2021-08-28
110 Sad Man’s Parade Manga Canon 2021-09-04
111 Tenko Shimura: Origin Manga Canon 2021-09-11
112 Tomura Shigaraki: Origin Manga Canon 2021-09-18
113 The High, Deep Blue Sky Manga Canon 2021-09-25

What Is My Hero Academia Filler List?

My Hero Academia filler list is a beautiful anime series that began in 2016. Since its initial broadcasting, more than the 88 My Hero Academia filler list episodes.

My Hero Academia Filler is an action-comedy-style anime series. Art and script were drawn by Kohei Horikoshi.

It’s a Japanese manga, which is a series about superheroes. Bones translated the manga from English to English to be a television animated show.

The manga won a prize from the Harvey Awards for Best Manga of the Year in 2019. The manga had a total of 26 million copies in the period of its December 2019 publication.

The manga and the anime versions have received a hugely positive reaction from critics and viewers. My Hero Academia is regarded as one of the most-watched anime series.

In time, we’ll see it has become apparent that there are “quirks,” recently discovered superpowers. The phenomenon is steadily increasing.

Most people possess diverse abilities that range from manipulating parts to changing in form. This leaves the majority of us entirely dependent.

One of them is Izuku Midoriya middle school student aspiring to be a hero and was adamant about being a hero. He desired to become hero from the time when he was a kid.

The unfortunate fate of Izuku makes him stunned by his heroes, and making notes whenever an opportunity presents itself.

His perseverance appears to have paid off. Izuku is the victim of the most well-known hero of his life and his own private hero All Might.

The specialty of All Might is a rare capability that can be passed down. It’s not astonishing that he chose Izuku to be his successor!

Izuku is enrolled in UA High, a famous high school known for its hero-training program.

After just a few days of intensive training, the newcomers’ appearance is awe-inspiring. Izuku will soon discover the real meaning behind it all being a hero. He’ll be doing it with his odd but knowledgeable group of friends and face the ever-growing threat from an errant organization.

Last Words

The list is now available. The My Hero Academia Filler List contains every episode from My Hero Academia’s Filler. If you need an anime list of filler characters for another anime, Please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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