Persona 4 Golden – Complete Quest Guide

Persona 4 Golden – Complete Quest Guide


The following is an inventory of Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden requests.

The requested pool is now arranged in Golden, and the requests are primarily unchanged. In addition, new bids were added to Golden as well.

This is a key to the information shown:

Complete Quest Guide:

Quest #: Quest Giver “Quest Name” – Location (Available on & Pre-Requisite)

Instructions & Answers/key information.


Quests:1-6 (4/18 – 5/02)

Q1: Funky Student “Who’s the riddle master?” – Classroom Building 3rd Floor (4/18)

The answers to his riddles are as follows “Group A” then “They’re top 6 flag color”.

Reward is 3 Chest Keys.

Q2: Male Student “The Girl on the Rooftop” – Classroom 2-2 (4/25)

At the roof part of the school talk to the girl asking the second option 3 times in total on different days. She won’t be there on rainy days though.

Reward is Goho-m.

Q3: Man “Aquire Mori Ranmaru Shochu” – Samegawa Flood Plain (5/01)

Found inside the place where you fought Yosuke’s shadow in the T.V. world, you’ll find it by searching the table in the center of the room.

Reward is 4k Yen.

Q4: Timid Female Student “Acquire an Angel Statue” – Classroom 2-2 (5/02)

Drops from Avenger Knight (Yukiko’s Castle 6-7th floor).

Reward is 3 Chest keys.

Q5: Shady Student “Acquire a Demon Statue” – Classroom Building 2F (5/02)

Drops from Magical Magus (Yukiko’s Castle 6-7th floor).

Reward is 3 Dokudami Tea.

Q6: Male Student “Acquire a Ritz Wire” – Practice Building 1F (5/02)

Drops from Heat Balance (Yukiko’s Castle 6-7th floor).

Reward is Olympic Tape.

Quests: 7-15 (5/06 Progressive Fox Quest Line)

Q7: Fox “I Wish for Love” – Shrine (5/06)

Take what the fox gives you. Go to the Classroom Building 1F Lobby and speak to the female student. The next day go to 2F of the same building, find her and tell her “I read it.”. the day after that go to the same location to talk with her again. After all of that is done go check in with the fox.

Reward is Hermit Rank Up.

Q8: Fox “I Wish I Didn’t Crave Snacks” – Shrine (After Completing Q7)

In the Southern Shopping District give a woman meat gum. Chie will give you the gum either on the roof of the school or in the T.V. world.

Reward is Hermit Rank Up.

Q9: Fox “We Wish Our Dog Would Return” – Shrine (After Completing Q8)

Go to the Samegawa Floodplain and talk to the dog. The next day go to the Shopping District North, find the same dog and “Talk to it Gently”. After a few days of alternating between locations and interacting with the dog you can feed it a Beef Skewer (or something similar from Souzai Daigaku).

Reward is Hermit Rank Up.

Q10: Fox “I Wish I Had Friends” – Shrine (After Completing Q9)

Go to Samegawa Floodplain and give the boy a prize sticker. Then ask Nanako for a rare sticker and give that to him too. (This can take a few days to complete)

Reward is Hermit Rank Up.

Q11: Fox “I Wish My Life Had Meaning Again” – Shrine (After Completing Q10)

Make a model for the man in the Shopping District North.

Reward is Hermit Rank Up.

Q12: Fox “I Wish I Was Better At Speaking” – Shrine (After Completing Q11)

On the school roof go talk to a girl. The Answers are “Looks like you want to learn to speak better” then “Let me teach you”. Talk to her again the next day and say “It takes courage to apologize”.

Reward is Hermit Rank Up.

Q13: Fox “I Wish I Didn’t Fear Cats” – Shrine (After Completing Q12)

At the Samegawa Floodplain ask a man about cats. Then talk to the cat outside the house at the Dojima Residence. Pick “Bring here”. The next day go back to the man and give him a Red Goldfish (order it or catch it in the river). Talk to him again the day after.

Reward is Hermit Rank Up.

Q14: Fox “I Wish My Wallet Would Return” – Shrine (After Completing Q13)

At the Samegawa Floodplain talk to a woman then search around the sign there to find a wallet. Talk to the woman again to confirm it isn’t hers. Then at the Shopping District North search the lamppost near the Shrine to find a different wallet. Bring that wallet to the woman.

Reward is Hermit Rank Up.

Q15: Fox “The Shichiri Beach Guardian” – Shrine (After Completing Q14)

Wait until you can use the scooter to go to Shichiri Beach. At the riverbank talk to the old man so he can tell you about the guardian. You’ll need to catch the River Guardian using Inaba Jewel Beetles (caught at night) as bait. Go back to the old man showing him the River Guardian to get the Sea Rod. Then use a Genji Beetle (caught at night) to catch the Sea Guardian at Shichiri Beach. On Rainy days both guardians have higher catch rates.

Reward is Hermit Rank Up.

Quests: 16-18 (5/18 – 5/23)

Q16: Homely Student “Desk Refurbishing” – Practice Building 2F (5/18)

Fitting Board drops from a Laughing Table (Yukiko’s Castle 6-7th floor).

Reward is 5 Royal Jelly.

Q17: Ms. Sofue “Extracarricular Activities” – Classroom Building 2F Staircase (5/18)

Suspicious Pole drops from Trance Twins (Yukiko’s Castle 3-5th floor).

Reward is 2 Pulsating Stone.

Q17: Avid Reader “Book Exchange” – Shopping District South (5/18)

Peach Seed can be found in treasure chests.

Reward is The Gentle Way.

Quests: 19-25 (6/03-6/05 & 6/11)

Q19: “Tissue Distribution Agent” – Okina City (6/11 & Scooter Access)

Accept the job from the man in front of the Theater. Give the tissues to everyone in the area before talking to the man again to get paid.

Reward is 5k Yen.

Q20: Avid Reader “Please Feed The Cat” – Shopping District South (6/03 & Completed Q18)

In Semagawa Floodplain feed the cat.

Reward is The Punk Way.

Q21: Cat “Feed The Cat” – Semagawa Flood Plain (6/03 & Completed Q20)

Feed cat 7 times.

Reward is Heal Jelly.

Q22: Cat “Cat Needs Food Badly” – Semagawa Flood Plain (6/03 & Completed Q21)

Feed the cat fish 19 times, feeding it guardians will cut that down to 4 or 5 times.

Reward is Soma.

Q23: Old Woman “Acquire an Old Key” – Semagawa Flood Plain (6/05)

Dropped from Bribed Fuzz (Steamy Bathhouse 1-2nd floor).

Reward is Knowledge and Courage Up.

Q24: Loud Old Woman “Acquire Coal” – Shopping District North (6/05)

Dropped from Selfish Basalt (Steamy Bathhouse 5-6th floor).

Reward is 15k Yen.

Q25: Fussy Housewife “100% Inaba-Grown Cabbage” – Junes (6/05 & Access to Garden)

From the Farmer buy cabbage seedlings and grow them in your garden. She wants 3 cabbages so it’ll take 3 times to get it done.

Reward is Sharp Shovel.

Quests: 26 – 33 (6/07 – 6/30 & 7/12)

Q26: Timid Female Student “Acquire a Crooked Cross” – Classroom 2-2 (6/07 & Complete Q4)

Dropped from Tranquil Idol (Steamy Bathhouse 7-8th floor).

Reward is 3 Ointment.

Q27: Timid Female Student “Acquire a Charmed Veil” – Classroom 2-2 (7/12 & Complete Q26)

Dropped from Liberating Idol (Marukyu Striptease 5-10th floor).

Reward is 5 Chest Keys.

Q28: Homely Student “Desk Refurbishing Part 2” – Practice Building 2F (6/08 & Complete Q16)

Reflective Board dropped from Crying Table (Steamy Bathhouse 9-10th floor).

Reward is 2 Snuff Soul.

Q29: Housewife “Acquire a Horn” – Shopping District South (6/09)

Dropped from Grave Beetle (Steamy Bathhouse 9-10th floor).

Reward is 18k Yen.

Q30: “Please Find My Younger Twin” – Shopping District South (6/09)

Must be completed before 11/17.

Reward is 5 Goho-m.

Q31: “The Cleaning Club’s Passion” – Classroom Building 3F (6/11)

From Daidara buy a lai Katana then go to Practice Building 2F and trade it to a student for a mop. You can buy a cleaning outfit from the clothing shop in Okina after accepting the hospital job. Show the student on 3F.

Reward is Bamboo Broom.

Q32: Master Daidara “Acquire Inaba Trout” – Daidara (6/14)

Either catch them easily through fishing or buy from Tanaka on 6/05.

Reward is Inaba Trout Weapon.

Q33: Male Student “Acquire a Silver Lump” – Prantice Building 1F (6/30 & Complete Q6)

Dropped from Silver Dice (Marukyu Striptease 7-10th floor).

Reward is 2 Uplifting Radio.

Quests: 34 – 40 (7/03 – 8/09)

Q34: Avid Reader “Acquire Hard Boots” – Shopping District South (7/03 & Complete Q20)

Sell Daidara 5 thick hides so that he sells the item. Thick hides dropped from Dancing Hand (Steamy Bathhouse 5-8th floor).

Reward is Guide to Pests and 5k Yen.

Q35: “Carbon Copy” – Samegawa Riverbank (7/13 & Complete Q30)

Flower Brooch dropped from Soul Dancer (Marukyu Striptease 1-3rd floor) Must be completed before 11/17.

Reward is 3 Emergency Kit.

Q36: “Carbon Copy Part 2” – Samegawa Riverbank (8/22 & Complete Q35)

Leaf Pochette dropped from Blind Cupid (Void Quest 3-4th floor) Must be completed before 11/17.

Reward is 3 Macca Leaf.

Q37: “Pining For Stylish Formalwear” – Okina City (7/16)

Obtained randomly from Gold Chest in Yukiko’s Castle.

Reward is Royal Jelly.

Q38: Master Daidara “Harvest Two Types of Corn” – Daidara (7/25)

From the Seed Seller buy corn seeds, grown them, harvest them, and give them to Daidara.

Reward is Grilled Corn.

Q39: “Acquire an Eternal Lamp” – Samegawa Flood Plain (8/22)

Dropped from Amenti Raven (Void Quest 3-4th floor).

Reward is 30k Yen.

Q40: Avid Reader “Acquire Some Fashionable Dishes” – Shopping District South (8/09 & Complete Q34)

Dropped from Sky Balance (Marukyu Striptease 9-10th floor) These are materials and not key items so be careful not to accidentally sell them to Daidara.

Reward is Riddlemania & 10k Yen.

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