Terraria – How to Get Pylons

Terraria – How to Get Pylons

Guide to Pylons:


Pylons can be described as items that may be moved into another pylon. Pylons require the presence of two NPCs to complete their purpose. If they are satisfied, NPCs may trade pylons inside the biome where they are placed.

It is required to place them in a specified biome and near selected NPCs. Except for the Universal Pylon, which is valued at 1 platinum, pylons are normally priced at 10 gold.

Forest Pylon:

•  best combination is to put Zoologist, Stylist, and Zoologist nearby in the Forest biome.

Snow Pylon:

• The simplest approach to do this is to place both the Goblin Tinkerer and the Merchant near each other inside the Snow biome.

Desert Pylon:

• Steampunker and the Cyborg work well together if they are placed near one other in the Desert biome.

Caverns Pylon:

•  ideal method for achieving this is to position the Arms Dealer and the Nurse near each other on the surface.

Ocean Pylon:

• Incorporating both the Pirate and the Angler into the Ocean biome is the most successful combo.

Forest Pylon:

•  best combo is to place both the Dryad and the Witch Doctor in the Jungle biome.

Hallow Pylon:

• Having the Wizard and the Party Girl close to each other during the Hallow is the most successful combo.

Mushroom Pylon:

• Set your Truffle and Guide near one other within the Glowing Mushroom biome for the greatest combination.

Universal Pylon:

•  Universal Pylon may be installed wherever you choose and does not require the presence of NPCs to function. Once the bestiary is finished, the Universal Pylon may be acquired from the Zoologist for 1 platinum.

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