Ready or Not – All Map Blueprints Guide

Ready or Not – All Map Blueprints Guide

The Ready or Not series is a  famous and beloved first-person shooter game. It’s an incredibly speedy and entertaining game that necessitates quick reactions and a keen sense of timing. The player’s goal is to complete the levels without dying.The game is made up of a series of maps, each with several checkpoints along the way. These checkpoints are the only way to restart the level and can be accessed at any time.

All Map Blueprints:

Current Maps:

Welcome to the Ready Or Not!

The person who is not an experienced player may find themself in a situation where you were unable to prepare for your upcoming briefing. Below down is a handy guide to Ready or Not All Map Blueprints. There are currently 12 out of 15 maps in the game, with some being reworked,

The 3 not listed are for the Supporters Edition.

  • 213 Park Homes
  • 4U Gas Station
  • Wenderly Hills Hotel
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Penthouse Rooms
  • Caesar’s Cars Dealership
  • Port Hoken
  • Cherryessa Farm
  • Valley Of The Dolls
  • Fast Food
  • Club

Test maps with missing textures currently in-game are as followed:

  • Penthouse Rooms
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Fast Food
  • Relapse
  • A Lethal Obsession
  • The Spider

Gas Station:

Wenderly Hills Hotel:

1st Floor:

2nd Floor:

3rd Floor:



Ground Level – Barricaded Suspects:

Cherryessa Farm:

A Level:

B Level:

C Level:


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