SaGa Frontier Remastered – Guide to Unlock DSC (Ultimate Martial Art Skill)

SaGa Frontier Remastered – Guide to Unlock DSC (Ultimate Martial Art Skill)

SaGa Frontier SaGa Frontier, the legendary PS1 JRPG is now available on consoles of the present and is just as shaky as it’s always been. It’s a bizarre game, where instead of gaining levels by earning XP, you can unlock new abilities simply through repeating the same moves repeatedly. It’s similar to Skyrim however you don’t know which abilities you’ll unlock in the future.

With all of that in mind, we’re presenting to you the most potent attack available in the game. This is the Dream Super Combo is a powerful Martial Arts attack that’s also completely concealed — you don’t have to learn it, but you can learn a variety of other methods that, when used, will allow you to unlock the DSC. If you’re new to SaGa Frontier, it’s a bit of a challenge. However, we’ll guide you through each step.

How to Unlock Ultimate Martial Art Skill DSC:

The Guide

You need to have martial art skills Slide, Suplex, Collapse, Giant Swing listed in your characters skill arts. If you don’t have these skills, here is the action art skill you need to use in the battle to unlock the skill:

Punch – Unlock Slide.

Tumble – Unlock Suplex, Collapse, Giant Swing.

Then, you can put these 4 skills into your characters skill arts.

Once you are in the battle, it will appear the new skill DSC which cost 18 WP.

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