War Thunder – Top 5 Best Nations for Tanks

War Thunder – Top 5 Best Nations for Tanks

War Thunder is a popular and beloved that allows players to use tanks and flight combat simulators in the market.  it provides an unparalleled experience, and the sense of merging arms in WW2-style is perfectly depicted. Airplanes, battleships, and tanks fight alongside and against one another in a war symphony wherein every shot counts.

In terms of land vehicles, War Thunder includes not just tanks, but also armored vehicles, anti-air trucks, armored vehicles, and self-propelled artillery. The top five greatest nations in the world for land vehicles will be discussed in the next article. We’ll look at how vast and balanced the technology tree is, how balanced it is, how much power, speed, and Armor it provides, and, finally, how accessible it is for novices.

Are you a seasoned gamer seeking a new technological tree to slash? Are you just getting started and want to learn more about every country on the field? Whatever you’re searching for, we can assist. This guidance will also be in effect in 2022.

[Top 5] War Thunder Best Nations for Tanks:

#5 Great Britain (Best for Experienced Players):

What Great Britain excels in:

+ Supporting other players
+ Sucking up a lot of damage
+ Securing strategic points.

Pick this nation if you like:

+ Different playstyles to work with
+ A good challenge for low and mid-tier matches
+ A large number of vehicles to research and play with

Nation Overall Tank Score: 75/100

#4 Sweden (Best for DefensiveRoles):

What Sweden excels in:

+ Defensive doctrine
+ Hit-and-run tactics
+ Harassing heavier enemy tanks

Pick this nation if you like:

+ Playing on the defensive
+ Very singular designs
+ Fast, lightly armored vehicles

Nation Overall Tank Score: 77/100

#3 Germany (Best for Heavy Tanks and High-caliber Cannons):

What Germany excels in:

+ One-hitting enemy tanks
+ Switching up playstyles when needed
+ Dealing with heavier enemy tanks

Pick this nation if you like:

+ High-caliber guns;
+ Heavy Armor;
+ Methodical Gameplay.

Nation Overall Tank Score: 90/100

#2 USSR/Russia (Best for Fast, Well Armored Heavy-hitting Tanks:

What the USSR excels in:

+ Flanking the enemy
+ Capturing points
+ Diverse line-ups

Pick this nation if you like:

+ Fast, reliable tanks
+ Powerful guns
+ Aggressive playstyles

Nation Overall Tank Score: 95/100

#1 USA (Best for Balanced, Powerful Tanks):

What the USA excels in:

+ Solid line-ups
+ Flanking the enemy
+ Resisting frontal attacks

Pick this nation if you like:

+ Powerful main battle tanks
+ Fast and agile vehicles
+ Lots of Shermans

Nation Overall Tank Score: 98/100

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