West of Loathing – Old Millinery Walkthrough

West of Loathing – Old Millinery Walkthrough

“You will be transported to the Old Millinery after reading a Wanted Message within the Dirtwater Jail.” A team of five bandits is waiting for you at the Millinery. As you approach the main portion of the room, they all vanish into a separate chamber for headgear.

You must enter each one and determine which hat they are hiding behind. If you do not choose one of the five alternatives, the bandit within the room will shoot you, then free the other and compel you to restart.

The answer to the famous millinery riddle.

Room #1:

Find the black hat with a white middle strip.

Room #2:

Find the shaking hat.

Room #3:

Find the flat-top hat.

Room #4:

Find the sleeping man, the one with “Z”s coming out of him.

Room #5:

Public domain game Joe is playing the piano outside. Then enter the room and search for the table with music notes emanating from it.

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