What is the meaning of NAP in mobile Strike?

What is the meaning of NAP in mobile Strike?

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When it comes to Mobile Strike, there are specific acronyms used. These are understandable by gamers. If you are a newbie or noob player, then you might not know about NAP.

NAP means Non-Aggression Pact.

What NAP does and how it effects the gameplay? There are many states and regions that have a rule to declare a certain time period of week as NAP time. When its NAP in Mobile Strike, bases cannot attack each other and even cannot do tile hitting. In this time the vulnerable bases get strong to fight.

These rules vary from one to other state. But the important point is that alliance leaders can go for NAP time negotiation by nearby alliances. This thing means that member from each alliance agrees upon not attacking at time as long as there is NAP intact.


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